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Alimony Lawyer in Anderson, SC

Anderson Alimony Lawyer

When a couple gets divorced, one household is split into two, which can create financial strain for both parties. South Carolina’s alimony and spousal support system is designed to lessen the strain and help both spouses transition more easily after the divorce.

Allen and Allen Law Firm is committed to helping you obtain a fair alimony agreement, whether you are paying support or receiving it. From our office in Anderson, South Carolina, we represent people throughout Anderson County and the Upstate with all aspects of alimony. Established by Chuck Allen in 1988, our firm has a positive reputation for providing clients with high-quality legal counsel.

South Carolina Spousal Support and Maintenance Attorney

Alimony, or spousal maintenance, is paid by one spouse to another after a divorce. When awarding alimony, the family courts consider several different factors, including the length of the marriage and the incomes, education level and health of the spouses. Fault grounds, such as adultery, can also have a significant impact on the amount of spousal support you will pay or receive.

Our Anderson alimony attorneys can help you create and negotiate an alimony agreement that meets your financial needs and protects your future. If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement, we will advocate for your rights in the courtroom. We can also assist you with alimony modifications and alimony terminations.

You can trust our law firm to help you protect your rights and financial future. To schedule a consultation with our lawyer, contact us online or call 864-226-6184.

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